FiveStar T-Bolt clamps feature a heavy-duty, high-strength design and are constructed with a 3/4" stainless steel band with a shoe for even loading. They are made with 1/4"-28 hardware in both zinc-plated or all-stainless versions. Available in diameter ranges from 1” to 13.88”, they are ideal for a wide variety of automotive, industrial, and marine applications.

FiveStar offers spring-regulated, constant-tension clamps in both T-Bolt and Barrel styles to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. The innovative spring design keeps clamping loads constant, even in environments that undergo wide temperature or pressure variations. Available in zinc-plated and all-stainless versions, they are ideal for automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial, and marine applications.

Made of corrosion-resistant steels, FiveStar V-Band Clamps are available in general purpose and quick-release versions to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications. Generally used to connect flanged pipes, they are well-suited to service in turbocharging systems, as well as general use in diesel systems and other demanding environments. The quick release option makes these clamps perfect in applications requiring frequent service.

FiveStar offers a broad portfolio of retaining and mounting clamps to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of automotive, industrial, and commercial enterprises. From muffler mounting clamps to heavy-duty T-Bolt mounting systems and large strap clamps, FiveStar products deliver superior performance. They are available in a full range of materials 

and finishes, making them as aesthetically pleasing as they are tough.

C-SERIES ROUND MUFFLER MOUNTING CLAMP Annealed or Bright Annealed Finish

Round Clamp Shape

Bent or Straight Mounting-Ear Styles